Most common words in Spanish (for beginners)

This deck contains the 440 most common words in Spanish (according to one method of counting common words). Learning this deck should help you get off to a good start in being conversant in the stock of common Spanish words.


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Number Front Back
1 to create crear
2 almost casi
3 the week la semana
4 the man el hombre
5 the nonsense, silly thing la tontería
6 unique, only one único
7 enough, rather bastante
8 pants, trousers los pantalones
9 us, ourselves nos
10 to look at, to watch mirar
11 to wear, carry llevar
12 bad, wrong mal
13 to obtain, to get conseguir
14 rich, tasty, yummy rico
15 the president el presidente
16 to call llamar
17 the next, near el próximo
18 thanks gracias
19 at least siquiera
20 to walk, to go andar
21 the family la familia
22 the type, kind, guy el tipo
23 to fear, to dread temer
24 to use, to wear usar
25 to speak hablar
26 to remain, to meet, to fit (clothes) quedar
27 to stretch, hang, lay, spread tender
28 to give dar
29 this (masc.) este
30 stupid estúpido
31 to follow, to continue seguir
32 to feel, regret, be sorry sentir
33 there [away from the listener] allá
34 the college, high school el colegio
35 the professor, teacher (not maestro) el profesor
36 yes
37 to heal, to cure curar
38 the pain, sorrow el dolor
39 she ella
40 marvelous estupendo
41 to permit permitir
42 the motive, reason el motivo
43 the year el año
44 the tongue, language la lengua
45 the advice el consejo
46 the back [anatomy] la espalda
47 the office la oficina
48 to wait for, to hope for esperar
49 they (masc.) ellos
50 the cape, extremity, end el cabo