Most common words in Spanish (for beginners)

This deck contains the 440 most common words in Spanish (according to one method of counting common words). Learning this deck should help you get off to a good start in being conversant in the stock of common Spanish words.


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Number Front Back
1 military militar
2 you (peninsular Spanish) os
3 to desire, to wish, to want desear
4 the advice el consejo
5 the music la música
6 they (fem.) ellas
7 the piece, chunk, morsel (p...) el pedazo
8 the response, reply, answer la respuesta
9 unique, only one único
10 to meet, to encounter encontrarse
11 the end el fin
12 the thing la cosa
13 always siempre
14 the result, outcome, success, hit el éxito
15 to finish off, drain, hurry apurar
16 the truth la verdad
17 us, ourselves nos
18 to tread (on), to step on, to trample pisar
19 to fear, to dread temer
20 back, at the back atrás
21 to see ver
22 happy feliz
23 the investigation la investigación
24 this (masc.) este
25 the buttocks, butt (t...) el trasero
26 the fig el higo
27 tall, high alto
28 them [as a direct object] les
29 by, for por
30 to create crear
31 the will, willpower la voluntad
32 to stretch, hang, lay, spread tender
33 two dos
34 to permit permitir
35 at least siquiera
36 the president el presidente
37 old, great [in magnitude] mayor
38 more más
39 the half, middle (not media, medio, or ecuador) la mitad
40 for, in order to para
41 she ella
42 to play, to bet jugar
43 the security, safety la seguridad
44 to write escribir
45 behind, after (position) tras
46 clever, ready listo
47 the woman la mujer
48 or o
49 to live vivir
50 to enjoy yourself divertirse