Most common words in Spanish (for beginners)

This deck contains the 440 most common words in Spanish (according to one method of counting common words). Learning this deck should help you get off to a good start in being conversant in the stock of common Spanish words.


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Number Front Back
1 daily, every day (d...) diario
2 to wear, carry llevar
3 the tongue, language la lengua
4 the water el agua
5 the size, sized (not talla) el tamaño
6 neither tampoco
7 the night la noche
8 to end, to finish acabar
9 any cualquier
10 you (formal plural) ustedes
11 to fling, bounce, throw out botar
12 the son el hijo
13 to cook, prepare meals cocinar
14 to the al
15 the miss, young lady la señorita
16 new nuevo
17 to give dar
18 there [close to the listener] ahí
19 to scratch arañar
20 the judgment el juicio
21 to fight, quarrel pelear
22 of the family, familiar familiar
23 to ask for, to request pedir
24 the end el fin
25 but pero
26 tall, high alto
27 the way (of being) el modo
28 the music la música
29 but, but rather, but instead sino
30 the order (as in "we need order in here") el orden
31 to work trabajar
32 rest of, others demás
33 if si
34 the neck, collar el cuello
35 the bar el bar
36 the daily newspaper, diary el diario
37 the short while, an instant el rato
38 the pain, sorrow el dolor
39 the movie, film la película
40 ridiculous ridículo
41 entire, whole entero
42 the hand la mano
43 the unit, unity la unidad
44 also, too también
45 to leave, abandon, quit dejar
46 the prostitute la puta
47 to have to, to owe deber
48 to touch, to play [an instrument] tocar
49 to see ver
50 the word la palabra