Most common words in Spanish (for beginners)

This deck contains the 440 most common words in Spanish (according to one method of counting common words). Learning this deck should help you get off to a good start in being conversant in the stock of common Spanish words.


See random 50 deck entries to get an idea whats inside.

Number Front Back
1 the son el hijo
2 the blow, knock, bump el golpe
3 because porque
4 the law la ley
5 she ella
6 to let go, let out largar
7 to come venir
8 the exit, departure la salida
9 the office la oficina
10 to walk, to go andar
11 all, everything todo
12 the time, instance, turn la vez
13 the girlfriend la novia
14 to forgive, to pardon perdonar
15 without sin que
16 this (masc.) este
17 the eye el ojo
18 the end el fin
19 to bother, to upset molestar
20 to throw, to toss, to shoot (not echar or lanzar) tirar
21 enough, rather bastante
22 to signify, to mean significar
23 the matter, regard, question la cuestión
24 the radius el radio
25 our nuestro
26 unique, only one único
27 to have to, to owe deber
28 the town; nation; people el pueblo
29 to speak hablar
30 the shape, form la forma
31 the judgment el juicio
32 you (polite sing.) usted
33 good bueno
34 bright, shiny, sparkling, brilliant brillante
35 to, at a [Spanish word]
36 very, highly muy
37 tranquil, quiet, peaceful tranquilo
38 to swallow tragar
39 to trust, to rely confiar
40 to fly, disappear/vanish, blow away, fly by volar
41 together, next to junto
42 your (informal) tu
43 although, though, even though aunque
44 this (neuter) esto
45 the gift, present el regalo
46 each, every cada
47 damned maldito
48 idiot, idiotic idiota
49 around, round alrededor
50 the thing la cosa