Most common words in Spanish (for beginners)

This deck contains the 440 most common words in Spanish (according to one method of counting common words). Learning this deck should help you get off to a good start in being conversant in the stock of common Spanish words.


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Number Front Back
1 good bueno
2 ridiculous ridículo
3 enormous, huge enorme
4 to give dar
5 you (familiar)
6 to touch, to play [an instrument] tocar
7 there [close to the listener] ahí
8 the bar el bar
9 down, downstairs, downhill abajo
10 yes
11 your (informal) tu
12 the year el año
13 the will, willpower la voluntad
14 the book el libro
15 damned maldito
16 our nuestro
17 to trust, to rely confiar
18 enough, rather bastante
19 now ahora
20 the matter, regard, question la cuestión
21 while mientras
22 to swallow tragar
23 the force, strength la fuerza
24 to cook, prepare meals cocinar
25 or o
26 the result, outcome, success, hit el éxito
27 to be [temporary qualities/states, location, feeling] estar
28 during durante
29 the judgment el juicio
30 the net, network la red
31 with con
32 the colour, color el color
33 pardon perdón
34 the curse la maldición
35 big, large, grand, great grande
36 to wait for, to hope for esperar
37 daily, every day (d...) diario
38 to like, to taste gustar
39 the law la ley
40 the shape, form la forma
41 the affection, darling, honey el cariño
42 to treat, to try, to be about tratar
43 the word la palabra
44 the photograph la fotografía
45 thanks gracias
46 to leave, abandon, quit dejar
47 never nunca
48 the gift, talent el don
49 the college, high school el colegio
50 to search, to seek buscar