700 French verbs (for beginners)

Verbs are double-checked against Collins Concise English-French dictionary and Barron's 501 French Verbs (it contains all of the verbs found in that book). No tense forms or conjugations.


See random 50 deck entries to get an idea whats inside.

Number Front Back
1 voler to fly, steal
2 prévenir to warn, forestall, ward off, prevent
3 danser to dance
4 développer to develop, spread out
5 frapper to knock, hit, strike, rap
6 tapoter to tap, pat
7 se dédire to retract
8 plonger to dive, swoop, plummet
9 nouer to tie, knot
10 se réveiller to wake up
11 répondre to respond, reply, answer
12 restreindre to restrict
13 gronder to chide, reprimand, scold
14 prescrire to prescribe, recommend
15 approcher to approach, to come near, to bring near
16 séjourner to sojourn, live somewhere temporarily
17 maudire to curse
18 culpabiliser to make one feel guilty
19 nettoyer to clean
20 quitter to leave, quit, split up
21 arraisonner to board
22 revendiquer to demand, claim responsibility for, claim
23 essayer to try
24 nager to swim
25 écraser to crush, squash, stub out, mash, grind, pound, flatten
26 peser to weigh
27 adjoindre to appoint (as on a team, position, etc.)
28 traduire to translate
29 faiblir to get weaker, fail, get fainter, die down, drop, diminish
30 descendre to descend go down, take down, bring down
31 mouvoir to move
32 chérir to cherish
33 débattre to debate, discuss
34 secourir to help, relieve
35 appartenir to belong, pertain
36 pleuvoir to rain
37 aller to go
38 se retirer to retire, withdraw
39 s'informer to find out, inquire, inform oneself
40 rougir to redden, blush
41 recueillir to collect, gather, harvest
42 échouer to fail, run aground
43 fournir to furnish, supply
44 prétendre to pretend, claim, maintain
45 trahir to betray
46 indiquer to incidate, point out, show
47 gaspiller to waste
48 songer to dream, think
49 se souvenir to remember
50 poursuivre to pursue, prosecute