700 French verbs (for beginners)

Verbs are double-checked against Collins Concise English-French dictionary and Barron's 501 French Verbs (it contains all of the verbs found in that book). No tense forms or conjugations.


See random 50 deck entries to get an idea whats inside.

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1 frémir to shudder, quiver, tremble
2 assiéger to besiege
to lay seige to
3 monter to go up, climb, take up, bring up, mount
4 gâter to spoil, damage
5 recoudre to sew back on, stitch up
6 souhaiter to wish
7 remercier to thank
8 enfreindre to infringe
9 klaxonner to honk
10 retenir to retain, keep, detain, hold back
11 réussir to succeed, result
12 rêvasser to dream (when awake)
13 descendre to descend go down, take down, bring down
14 abolir to abolish, do away with
15 découvrir to discover, uncover
16 reconduire to escort, renew
17 entendre to hear, understand
18 prêter to lend
19 dépeindre to depict, describe, portray
20 exagérer to exaggerate
21 oser to dare
22 accepter to accept
23 refaire to redo
24 repérer to spot, locate
25 mentir to lie
26 pressentir to sense, have a premonition
27 surprendre to surprise
28 jouer to play, act (in a play), gamble
29 envoyer to send
30 blanchir to whiten, launder, exonerate
31 travailler to work
32 pardonner to pardon, forgive
33 jaillir to spurt out, gush out, flow, ring out, spring out, shoot out
34 transmettre to transmit, transfer
35 agir to act/behave, take effect
36 acquérir to acquire
37 accorder to accord, grant, reconcile, admit
38 intervenir to intervene, play a part, give a talk
39 renoncer to renounce
40 vaincre to vanquish, conquer
41 blâmer to blame
42 forcer to force
43 reproduire to reproduce
44 découdre to take the stitches out of
to take off/out, to come off
45 sourire to smile
46 conduire to lead, drive, conduct, manage
47 revêtir to put on (uniform)
to take on (appearance, character)
48 sortir to go out, leave
49 neutraliser to neutralize, overpower
50 payer to pay