700 French verbs (for beginners)

Verbs are double-checked against Collins Concise English-French dictionary and Barron's 501 French Verbs (it contains all of the verbs found in that book). No tense forms or conjugations.


See random 50 deck entries to get an idea whats inside.

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1 arriver to arrive
to happen
2 se méfier to beware, distrust, mistrust
3 mordre to bite
4 abolir to abolish, do away with
5 satisfaire to satisfy
6 prêter to lend
7 trouver to find
8 survivre to survive
9 peindre to paint, portray
10 imposer to impose
11 apprendre to learn
12 combattre to combat, fight
13 prononcer to pronounce, declare
14 embrasser to kiss, embrace
15 ressembler to resemble
16 convenir to suit, be appropriate
to agree, acknowledge
17 pendre to hang, suspend
18 viser to aim
19 zézayer to lisp
20 dîner to dine (have dinner)
21 varier to vary
22 signifier to mean
23 percevoir to perceive, detect, feel
24 étreindre to embrace, grip
25 croître to grow, increase
26 fournir to furnish, supply
27 accepter to accept
28 gérer to manage
29 traiter to treat (somebody a certain way), negotiate
30 redire to repeat, say again
31 signaler to signal, point out
32 recevoir to receive, get
33 enregistrer to record, register, enter, show
34 sourire to smile
35 geindre to moan
36 se méprendre to be mistaken, to mistake
37 se rappeler to remember, recall, recollect
38 assaillir to assail, attack, beset
39 préférer to prefer
40 traverser to traverse, cross
41 goûter to taste, have a snack, enjoy
42 bavarder to chat
43 aménager to fit out, lay out, develop, plan, adjust
44 agir to act/behave, take effect
45 vêtir to clothe, dress
46 craindre to fear
47 débattre to debate, discuss
48 sucer to suck
49 plier to fold, bend
50 traduire to translate