700 French verbs (for beginners)

Verbs are double-checked against Collins Concise English-French dictionary and Barron's 501 French Verbs (it contains all of the verbs found in that book). No tense forms or conjugations.


See random 50 deck entries to get an idea whats inside.

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1 tomber to fall
2 atteindre to attain
3 advenir to happen
4 considérer to consider
5 demeurer to reside, live, remain, stay
6 faire to make, do
7 ajouter to add
8 détenir to hold, detain
to be in power
9 rejoindre to rejoin, to agree with
10 apporter to bring, bear
11 vêtir to clothe, dress
12 viser to aim
13 développer to develop, spread out
14 sentir to feel, smell, perceive
15 acclamer to acclaim, cheer, applaud
16 obliger to oblige
17 aimer to like, to love
18 pianoter to tap (like a piano), drum one's fingers
19 rouvrir to reopen
20 chuchoter to whisper
21 se fâcher to become angry
22 pleurer to cry, weep, mourn
23 venir to come
24 voler to fly, steal
25 échouer to fail, run aground
26 lancer to hurl, launch, throw
27 adjoindre to appoint (as on a team, position, etc.)
28 charger to burden, charge, load
29 feuilleter to leaf through
30 subvenir to provide for, support
31 blesser to hurt, injure, wound, offend
32 déteindre to take the color out of
to fade, rub off
33 couper to cut, switch off
34 rejeter to reject, throw back, deny
35 rouler to roll, drive (a car), ride along
36 méconnaître to misjudge, misunderstand, not to know, not to recognize
37 surprendre to surprise
38 attraper to catch
39 engager to commit, bind
40 s'asseoir to sit down
41 modérer to moderate, restrain, reduce
42 craindre to fear
43 discourir to make a speech (discourse)
44 fonder to found, establish, lay the foundation,
45 vouloir to want
46 abolir to abolish, do away with
47 choisir to choose, select, pick
48 entraîner to train, bring about, lead
49 revoir to see again
50 rater to fail, miss