700 French verbs (for beginners)

Verbs are double-checked against Collins Concise English-French dictionary and Barron's 501 French Verbs (it contains all of the verbs found in that book). No tense forms or conjugations.


See random 50 deck entries to get an idea whats inside.

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1 repérer to spot, locate
2 neiger to snow
3 frire to deep-fry
4 mettre to put (set), put on, place

*many different meanings, and very common with expressions
5 blâmer to blame
6 dîner to dine (have dinner)
7 revendiquer to demand, claim responsibility for, claim
8 feuilleter to leaf through
9 interrompre to interrupt
10 conclure to conclude
11 arraisonner to board
12 estimer to estimate
13 commencer to begin, start, commence
14 tordre to twist
15 traverser to traverse, cross
16 siffler to whistle, hiss, boo
17 veiller to stay up (late), be watchful
18 assiéger to besiege
to lay seige to
19 fuir to flee, fly off, shun
to leak (gas, oil, etc.)
20 puer to stink
21 trouver to find
22 ensorceler to bewitch
23 pouvoir to be able, can
24 occuper to occupy
25 gérer to manage
26 faillir to fail
to almost (do something)
27 dormir to sleep
28 excuser to excuse
29 aménager to fit out, lay out, develop, plan, adjust
30 cesser to cease
31 contenir to contain
to fit
32 sucer to suck
33 enregistrer to record, register, enter, show
34 fendre to split, crack, cleave
35 enjoindre to enjoin, forbid, prohibit, command
36 vivre to live (be alive)
37 accroître to increase, make greater, to enlarge
38 signer to sign
39 prier to pray, supplicate, entreat beg, request
40 remplir to fill
41 jurer to swear, vow
42 se trouver to be located, be situated
43 sécher to dry
44 éconduire to dismiss, reject, turn away
45 zoner to zone
46 serrer to grasp, press, squeeze, shake (hands)
47 ajouter to add
48 émouvoir to move, touch, excite, arouse
49 savoir to know (how)
50 conquérir to conquer