2500+ basic Chinese conversations phrases

Very basic but real conversation sentences. The materials are extracted from a Chinese book called <英语口语8000句>. The number of the actual sentences is about 3000 (not 8000 as the book title declared). It is very helpful for oral English beginners, and hope you can let your mouth muscles to remember the sentences.


See random 50 deck entries to get an idea whats inside.

Number Front Back
1 Don't feel so bad about yourself. 别那么自暴自弃。
2 Are you seducing me? 你在引诱我吗?
3 We hope you will understand our reason for this action. 我们希望您能理解我们这次行动的理由。
4 Let me know the circumstances. 告诉我详细情况。
5 I've lost my wallet. 我的钱包丢了。
6 How much money do you have? 您带了多少现金?
7 How often? 隔多长时间?
8 Sorry, we're sold out. 对不起,卖完了。
9 Hold on to me tight. 抓紧我。
10 You have beautiful eyes. 你的眼睛真美。
11 I hope not. 我真希望不是这样。
12 There are four of us. 我们一共4个人。
13 Let's go window-shopping. 我们去(商店)逛逛吧!
14 Are you working overtime tonight? 今晚你加班吗?
15 Good afternoon. 你好!/下午好!
16 Can I have something to drink? 能给我点儿喝的吗?
17 Is this Dr. Jim Baker's office? 请问是吉姆·贝克医生的办公室吗?
18 How should I do it? 我该怎么做呢?
19 To Wall Street, please. 请到华尔街。
20 Let's talk in English. 咱们说英语吧。
21 Let me see it. 让我看看。
22 He has a short temper. 他动不动就生气。
23 You don't look well. 你好像不太舒服。
24 I've developed a great liking for Japanese food. 我非常喜欢吃日本食品。
25 Aren't you ashamed of yourself? 你就不觉得害臊吗?
26 Can I have some water? 您能给我杯水吗?
27 No doubt. 确实是这样。
28 You'd better work harder. 你应该更加努力工作。
29 Is it okay to drink? 我可以喝酒吗?
30 We don't agree on this point. 在这一点上我们意见分歧。
31 Don't play dumb! 别装傻!
32 Don't slack off! 别偷懒!
33 Sightseeing. 旅游。
34 We would appreciate it if you will let us know... 如果您能告诉我们……,我们将不胜感激。
35 We were surprised by the news. 那条消息真让人吃惊。
36 Fine, thank you. 我很好,谢谢。
37 He's simpleminded. 他头脑简单。
38 It's next to the coffee shop. 在那家咖啡馆的旁边。
39 I'm sorry. I must have misdialed. 对不起,我好像打错了。
40 Hide-and-seek 捉迷藏。
41 What's the big idea? 你到底在想什么呢?
42 That was good. 真好吃。
43 May I have your name, please? 您贵姓?
44 I shouldn't have done it. 我真不该那样。
45 Today, we're having curry. 今天吃咖哩饭。
46 Are you ready? 准备好了吗?
47 What movie do you want to see? 你想看什么电影?
48 You tomboy! 野丫头!
49 This refers to your letter of October 29, 1998. 这是对您1998年10月29日来信的复函。
50 Would you exchange this one hundred dollar bill with five twenties? 请帮我把这100美元换成5张20美元的。