2500+ basic Chinese conversations phrases

Very basic but real conversation sentences. The materials are extracted from a Chinese book called <英语口语8000句>. The number of the actual sentences is about 3000 (not 8000 as the book title declared). It is very helpful for oral English beginners, and hope you can let your mouth muscles to remember the sentences.


See random 50 deck entries to get an idea whats inside.

Number Front Back
1 I have led a dog's life. 我过着悲惨的生活。
2 You're speaking too quickly. 您说得太快了。
3 Not here. 这里不行。
4 Back off! 闪开!
5 to be continued 未完待续。
6 Charge, please. 卡。
7 Where am I supposed to change? 我应该在哪站换车?
8 It's nothing great. 没什么了不起的。
9 Are you seeing someone now? 你现在是不是和谁交往呢?
10 Not exactly. 不完全。
11 Hello, this is the Park Restaurant. May I help you? 您好,这是公园餐厅。我可以为您服务吗?
12 What do you do when you have free time? 业余时间你都干什么?
13 Count me in. 算我一个。
14 I feel sick. 我觉得难受。
15 Think twice before you decide. 决定之前再好好考虑考虑。
16 A great shock. 震惊。
17 That's all right. 没事儿。
18 Don't bother me! 别打扰我!
19 We are sorry to inform you that... 我们不得不遗憾地通知您……
20 I'm on your side. 我是站在你这边的。
21 You should get a haircut. 你该剪剪你的头发了。
22 It is regretful to learn of... 得知……,我们感到很遗憾。
23 I'm hooked on... 我对……上瘾。
24 Please hand the document in to me. 请把那份文件交给我。
25 Please do not hesitate to contact us. 请您不必客气,尽管与我们联系。
26 I see what you mean. 我明白你说的了。
27 We were surprised by the news. 那条消息真让人吃惊。
28 Kindly inform us when this is put into effect. 在本项目实行之际,烦请通知我们一声。
29 Your idea is fundamentally wrong. 你的想法根本上就是错误的。
30 May we ask you to send us...? 我们能麻烦您将……寄给我们吗?
31 Did you hear me? 你听见我说的了吗?
32 I'm still yawning. 我还打哈欠呢。
33 Please wrap it. 请给包一下。
34 Don't tell me what to do! 你少命令我!
35 All done! 全都做完了。
36 I'm home. 我回来了。
37 Is it too late? 太晚了吗?
38 It's a matter of life and death. 这是生死攸关的大事。
39 It looks nice on you. 对你正合适。
40 I have a secret. 我有一个秘密。
41 I'm deeply in love with Rose. 我深深地爱着罗丝。
42 What would you like for dinner, beef or fish? 午餐您要牛肉还是要鱼?
43 See? 明白了吗?
44 Are there any golf courses around here? 这附近有高尔夫球场地吗?
45 That's easy for you to say. 你说得容易。
46 We will do our utmost to... 我们将竭尽全力地……
47 I leave it entirely to your kind consideration. 这事全拜托你了。
48 You were snoring last night. 昨天晚上你打呼噜了。
49 Isn't the traffic heavy? 路上是不是很堵车?
50 You mean any place? 哪儿都可以吗?