2500+ basic Chinese conversations phrases

Very basic but real conversation sentences. The materials are extracted from a Chinese book called <英语口语8000句>. The number of the actual sentences is about 3000 (not 8000 as the book title declared). It is very helpful for oral English beginners, and hope you can let your mouth muscles to remember the sentences.


See random 50 deck entries to get an idea whats inside.

Number Front Back
1 It's too salty. 太咸了。
2 You can change to the JR Chuo Line at Shinjuku. 到新宿换乘JR的中央线。
3 Not yet. 还没有。
4 There's no need to rush. 别急。
5 Thank you for your letter. It was very kind of you. 谢谢你的来信,你对我太好了。
6 What are you doing today? 今天你干什么?
7 Would you please send us...? 您能将……寄给我们吗?
8 No, not yet. 不,还没有。
9 Congratulations on your complete recovery. 祝贺你康复!
10 You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. 你是我见到过的最美的女人。
11 You shouldn't say things like that. 你怎么这么说?
12 I wish I had never met you. 我真希望我从来都没遇到过你。
13 It has nothing to do with me. 这跟我没关系。
14 I have stiff shoulders. 我肩膀酸痛。
15 Is there a Mexican restaurant around here? 这附近有墨西哥餐馆吗?
16 He always finds fault with my work. 他对我的工作总是鸡蛋里挑骨头。
17 I'm counting on you. 我全靠你了。
18 What kind of bag? 什么样的包?
19 I'll dry the dishes. 我擦盘子。
20 Where do you want to meet? 在哪儿见面?
21 That's expensive! 太贵了!
22 I can't get into my work. 我不能专心工作。
23 He's acting big. 他在逞强。
24 I couldn't catch what you said. 我没听见你说什么。
25 How was the movie? 电影怎么样?
26 Hush! 嘘!(安静!)
27 We look forward to your favorable reply. 我们期待着您满意的回答。
28 In my opinion... 照我的想法……
29 I don't mind being alone. 我不在乎孤独。
30 Mr. Smith called you during the meeting. 您开会的时候史密斯先生给您来电话了。
31 I'm sorry, but I'm busy just now. 对不起,我现在正忙着呢。
32 Can I make a reservation? 可以预订吗?
33 How was your trip? 你的旅行怎么样?
34 No wonder. 不足为奇。/没什么奇怪的。
35 Do you have any beer? 有啤酒吗?
36 Today's payday! 今天发工资。
37 I'm tired. 真累啊!
38 Is that clear? 清楚了吗?
39 We will be delighted to... 我们非常高兴地……
40 This is in response to your letter of November 4, 1998. 这是对您1998年11月4日来信给予的答复。
41 I'm transferring your call to the sales department. 我把您的电话接到营业部去。
42 It worked! 啊,真灵!
43 We can work it out. 问题总会解决的。
44 It beats me. 这可难倒了我。/ 不知道。
45 It's time to get up! 该起床了!
46 When will it be ready? 什么时候能弄好?
47 We will always endeavor to offer you our most favorable rates. 我们将一直地努力提供给您我们最优惠价格。
48 He's quite well off. 他非常有钱。
49 And? 然后呢?
50 I locked myself out. 我把钥匙忘在房间里了。