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8000+ Chinese sentences (with audio)

If you are a beginner - before you study this, you should know how to read pinyin, the tones and the sounds. If you are not a beginner - based on your level, you may want to delete a chunk of cards from the beginning.

2500+ basic Chinese conversations phrases

Very basic but real conversation sentences. The materials are extracted from a Chinese book called <英语口语8000句>. The number of the actual sentences is about 3000 (not 8000 as the book title declared). It is very helpful for oral English beginners, and hope you can let your mouth muscles to remember the sentences.

9000 words and idioms (upper intermediate level and up)

Examples for most words have been found from a hundreds of episodes of TV

Chinese 150 Words, 300 example sentences (with audio, HSK 1)

All sentences are made up using only characters from the HSK 1 set, so every sentence you learn reinforces what you have learned previously and makes future cards easier!

15 000+ Chinese sentences (with audio)

The sentences are not the dumbed down sentences from out of a language learning book. For the rest we are not done with the deck ourselves, so big it is

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Anki is there for a while and comunity gathered some decent decks on various topics.
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Opposite to official Anki directory finding a nice article on google will provide you with an opinion how to learn better and use flashcards in general.

Make your own

Doing a deck from scratch is a solid endeavor, but you can find a nice deck and modify it as you wish. Through away these dummy words there, add some words you picked up at your Spanish class lessons here, few slices of Avokado on top... Delicious!