5000 most frequently used Arabic words (with audio)


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1 كَلِمة المُرور password
2 فَضاء space; (outer) space, cosmos; vacant (plot of land)
3 إيرانيّ Iranian
4 عَدّ counting, calculating
5 عِوَضَ/عِوَضاً عن instead of, in compensation for
6 خَفَّ ، يَخِفُّ ، الخِفّة to become lighter (weight); to decrease in intensity; to quicken (one’s pace); to rush, hurry إلى to do sth
7 عَجِزَ ، يَعجِزُ ، العَجْز to be incapable, unable عن to do sth
8 حَرَقَ ، يَحرِقُ ، الحَرْق to burn sth; to hurt sb
9 مُؤَشِّرات clues, indications, pointers
10 حادّ sharp, intense
11 قَضاء justice, judiciary; court, court system; district, province; judgement, ruling, decision; fate, destiny
12 بِصَرفِ النَّظَرِ عن regardles of
13 تَعريف defining, identifying; introducing, presenting; definition; notification
14 صَدىً ، أصداء echo; effect, repercussion
15 تَركيب installation, assembling; structure, construction
16 خَريف autumn, fall
17 بِواجِر near, next to
18 أمْر ، أُمور matter, issue, concern, affair
19 قُوَّة ، -ات/قُوىً power, strength, force
20 إبّان time
21 نيابيّ representative; parliamentary
22 خالَفَ to contradict sth/sb; to conflict with, go against sth; to violate (the law)
23 مُعادٍ/المُعادي (adj) hostile, anti-
24 نَاقِد ، نُقّاد critic
25 مُواصَلات public transportation
26 جِهة ، -ات side; direction; part, party; sector, office, institution
27 عَكَسَ ، يَعكِسُ ، العَكْس to reflect, mirror (light, image); to contradict or oppose sb
28 وَباء epidemic, disease; scourge
29 حارة quarter, district; neighborhood; alley, lane
30 مُقام raised, erected; installed, established, set up; held, hosted (event, party)
31 مَعمور populated, inhabited
32 غَطّى to cover; conceal
33 أوان ، آوِنة time, moment
34 روحيّ spiritual; alcoholic
35 راقَبَ to watch, observe, monitor sth/sb; to oversee, supervise sth/sb
36 واقِع reality, fact; actual situation; falling (date), occurring (time); located, found, situated (place)
37 نِقابيّ union, syndicate
38 أماميّ (adj) front, frontward
39 مُشارَكة participation, association
40 تَضامُن solidarity, cooperation
41 مُتَفَرِّق diverse, different, separate; dispersed, scattered, sporadic
42 رائِد ، رُوّاد pioneer, explorer; leader; (mil) major, commandant; pioneering, leading
43 مُتَفائِل optimistic; optimist
44 مُحافظة ، -ات province, governorate
45 فَصل ، فُصول section, chapter; season; class, classroom; semester, term
46 رَشيد rational, sensible, wise, mature
47 يا لَطيف oh my! wow!
48 قيمة value, worth, importance
49 إنهاء termination, completion, ending
50 مُحَطّة ، -ات station (gas, electrical power, broadcasting); stop, layover