5000 most frequently used Arabic words (with audio)


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1 جُنوب south, southern part
2 قَريب near, close; related
3 آليّ mechanical, automatic; machine-
4 صَلاحِيّات powers, privileges
5 معاً together
6 الآخِرة the afterlife
7 وِجهة ، -ات direction, angle
8 مُحاسَبة examination, review; accounting, bookkeeping; accountability, oversight
9 حُضور arrival, coming; attending, being present at (meeting, party, concert); viewing (film, TV show)
10 بَعْض some, several
11 عُموميّ general, public, common; plenary
12 مُواطِن ون citizen, compatriot
13 تَحويل conversion, transfer
14 آل family, clan
15 دونَما without any, without even
16 فِعلياً really, actually
17 كَذَلِكَ likewise, also
18 تَسَوُّق shopping
19 أكثَرَ to do من sth frequently, to do a lot of من sth
20 مَوقِف ، مَواقِف position
21 تَصفية ، -ات settling, solving; settlement, solution; (econ) liquidation, clearing; (sports) elimination series
22 تَأْشيرة visa (travel, entrance, exit)
23 صَراحة sincerity, candor, frankness
24 إدارة ، -ات administration, management; bureau, office, directorate
25 طُلّابيّ student-related
26 رَدّ ، رُدود response, reply
27 أهَمّ more/most important
28 نِعْمَ (what a) wonderful
29 لِئَلّا in order not to
30 حارَبَ to fight, wage war against sb/sth
31 لَوحة المَفاتيح keyboard
32 وَقَّفَ to stop, detain sb
33 حَقَّ ، يَحِقُّ ، الحَقّ to be right
34 أموال assets, funds, monies
35 صَيفيّ summer, summery
36 تَعارَضَ to clash, conflict, be at odds مع/و with sth
37 أدارَ to direct, manage sth; to conduct sth; to turn (one’s face or back); to turn on or off (radio, television, car switch); to turn (key or door knob); to make spin sth
38 تَعامَلَ to deal with مع sb/sth (ب with); to work together, do business مع with sb
39 لاتينيّ Latin
40 تَناوُل dealing with (subject, issue); eating (meal); taking, ingesting (medicine)
41 تَشكيليّ visual, graphic
42 البَريد الإلِكتُرونيّ email
43 وَثيقة ، وَثائِق document; certificate; title, dead; paper, record
44 مُتَفائِل optimistic; optimist
45 شَرق east
46 طَبيب ، أطِبّاء physician, doctor
47 فَضائيّ (outer) space, satellite
48 فَقيد deceased
49 على ما يَبدو/كَما يَبدو evidently, apparently, it seems
50 تَصَرَّفَ to act, behave, proceed (في/مع with sb/sth; وكَأَنَّ as if)