5000 most frequently used Arabic words (with audio)


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1 على قَناعة convinced
2 مُفَكِّر intellectual
3 فَنّيّ artistic, technical; technician
4 حَديث ، أحاديث discussion, conversation, talk; story, interview; Hadith
5 تَلَوُّث pollution, contamination
6 مَقصود purpose, intent; aim, goal; deliberate, intentional
7 صِناعة manufacture, industry
8 فِعلاً ، بالفعل really, actually, in fact
9 نِسائيّ women-related, women’s; feminine
10 غُروب setting
11 تَكراراً repeatedly, frequently
12 مُعطَيات facts, data, factors
13 جُرِحَ to be wounded, be injured
14 إدخال insertion, introduction, inclusion
15 بِرُمَّتِهِ/ها completely, all of it/them
16 ضَروريّ necessary, required
17 نَزْع removal; elimination; deposition
18 طَلَما أنّ provided that
19 المَعمورة the world
20 مُحال impossible, absurd; referred, assigned على to; transferred, passed on إلى to
21 يُرجى الاِتِّصال ب would you please contact...
22 مُسَجَّل registered, recorded
23 مُروراً ل passing, crossing, going through, via
24 تَطبيق implementation (plan, project, decision, strategy); application, enforcement (law, regulation, standards)
25 مُباراة ، مُبَريات game, match, bout; competition
26 لَمَسَ ، يَلمُسُ ، اللَّمْس to touch, feel, sense sth
27 تَلَقِّي receiving, receipt; acquisition
28 قَصْر shortness, smallness; limiting, restricting
29 عُشْب (coll) grass, vegetation
30 سَمْع hearing
31 اِشتَرَطَ to stipulate sth
32 ضَغَطَ ، يَضغَطُ ، الضَّغْط to press, push على sth; (computer) to click على sth
33 مَوْضوع ، مَواضيع subject, topic, issue, theme; placed, laid down; located, situated
34 رائِحة ، رَوائِح scent, odor, perfume
35 باكِراً early (adv)
36 خَطَّطَ to plan, make plans ل to do sth; to draw lines, define (borders)
37 كَفاءة ، -ات qualification, competence; talent, ability, proficiency
38 ذِكْر mention, citation; memory
39 سَعى ، يَسعى ، السَّعَيْاً to strive إلى for sth; to pursue, chase وَراء after (a goal)
40 مَغرَبيّ ، مَغارِبة Moroccan; Maghrebi
41 نُبُوّة prophethood; prophecy
42 جَمال beauty
43 خَفيّ hidden, secret; unless, invisible
44 حَشَرة ، -ات insect
45 بَلاغ report, communiqué, notice, notification
46 شِبْر span of the hand or foot
47 إسلاميّ Islamic; Islamist
48 عَمَليّة ، -ات operation, process
49 دَليل ، أدِلّة/دَلائِل sign, clue, indication, evidence, proof (على of)
50 عادَ ، يَعودُ ، العَوْدة to return, go back إلى to sth; to be attributed إلى to sth/sb; (with imperf) عادَ يَفعَلُ to repeat sth, do sth again; لم يَعُد to no longer do sth or be sth