5000 most frequently used Arabic words (with audio)


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1 مَعنىً ، مَعانٍ/الَمعاني sense, meaning, significance; concept, nuance
2 مُتَساوٍ/المُتَساوي equivalent, similar
3 فَم ، أفواه mouth
4 تَقريباً approximately, around; almost, not quite
5 ثَمَن price, cost; value, worth
6 غَد/غَداً tomorrow
7 ضَعيف ، ضُعَفاء weak, powerless
8 أمامَ in front of, facing
9 مُعَلَّق suspended, hanging, pending, outstanding
10 حالة طَوارِئ state of emergency
11 مُقاطَعة boycott; interruption; district, province
12 مَسبوقاً in advance
13 أَسَف sorry, regret, remorse; pity, sympathy
14 سِحْر sorcery, magic
15 كَذا thus, like that, in this way
16 طَلَعَ to appear, emerge rise; to go outcome out, get out
17 غَمرة inundation, flood
18 إساءة insult, affront; (with following masdar) wrong, incorrect
19 مَلاعِم features, contours; landmarks; sights
20 اِعتَقَدَ to believe في in sth, or بأنّ/أنّ that
21 قَسوة harshness, severity, brutality
22 طارَ عقله to lose one’s mind
23 عَلَنيّ public, open
24 زِفاف wedding
25 مَيَّزَ to distinguish sth/sb, to set sth/sb apart (عن from the rest); to differentiate, tell the difference بين between
26 تَغذية feeding, nutrition
27 ألفاظ word, term, expression
28 تَنظيف cleaning
29 عُثور finding, discovering, coming across على sth
30 بِالنِّسبة إلى concerning, regarding, in relation to
31 مُكافَحة fight, battle, confrontation
32 مُؤَخَّراً recently, lately; finally, in the end
33 مُتَأكِّد certain, sure convinced (من of)
34 ثَناء praise, commendation; appreciation
35 فَهْم understanding, comprehension
36 أتَمّ to complete, finish, conclude sth
37 أعلَم more/most knowledgeable
38 إعادة repeating, doing sth again; returning, giving sth back
39 عَزْل removal, dismissal, distancing; isolation, separation
40 حَماس enthusiasm, eagerness, zeal; fortitude, bravery
41 عَصَفَ ، يَعصِفُ ، العَصْف to be stormy, be tempestuous; to rage (wind, conflict, crisis)
42 اِعتَقَلَ to arrest, detain sb
43 مُصَمِّم determined, resolute (على to do sth); designer, stylist
44 مَسيرة march, parade; movement, course
45 خِيال imagination, fantasy
46 اِنخِفاض reduction, decrease, drop
47 مُجرِم criminal
48 ثانَويّ secondary; lower-ranking, subordinate
49 مُسَلسَل ، -ات serial show (esp. soap opera)
50 قَدَرَ ، يَقدُرُ ، القُدرة to be able to, be capable of (doing sth)