5000 most frequently used Arabic words (with audio)


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1 أعمى/عَمياء blind
2 قَبضة grip; fistful; seizure
3 ثانية ، ثوانٍ/الثَّواني second (time span)
4 مُنَظَّم organized, arranged; systematic, disciplined
5 صَرْف spending, changing (money); diverting (attention)
6 دَمْج inclusion, incorporation, integration; consolidation, merger
7 إحياء reviving, enlivening; celebrating (anniversary); commemorating
8 سائِح ، سُيّاح tourist
9 رَدّة echo, reverberation
10 لَوْ سَمَحْت please (if you don’t mind)
11 لَبّى to meet (needs), fulfill (desires, expectations); to comply with (request)
12 عَوْن help, assistance, aid
13 مُثير influential, provocative; provoking, agitating, stirring up, raising
14 بِسمِ in the Name of God
15 حَيَويّ vital; lively; biological
16 بَريء ، أبرِياء innocent, blameless; naive, unsuspecting; exempt, free (من of); innocent person
17 تَوْزيع distribution, handing out (على among)
18 أصيل authentic, original; native, indigenous; pure, noble; full-blooded, purebred
19 ألفاظ word, term, expression
20 إنذار warning, caution, alarm
21 مَسيرة march, parade; movement, course
22 الفاتِحة the first surah (chapter) in the Quran
23 مُنتَشِر scattered, spread out, prevalent
24 تاجِر ، تُجّار merchant, businessman, trader; trading, dealing
25 أسرَع faster/est; sooner/est
26 مُعَيَّن specific, determined; fixed, set, prescribed; appointed, designated
27 تَجديد renovation, renewal
28 اِنقِطاع discontinuation, breaking off
29 سَهَّلَ to facilitate, make easy, help
30 أقامَ to install, establish, set up sth; to hold, host (event, party); to reside, live, set up residence في at
31 عِطْر ، عُطور perfume
32 اِستَحَقَّ to deserve, merit sth
33 عيد الأضحى Feat of the Sacrifice
34 إجماليّ comprehensive, full; total, gross
35 تَذَكَّرَ to remember sth
36 يا شَيْخة my dear lady, ma'am
37 رَشيد rational, sensible, wise, mature
38 رَيْثَما as long as; until
39 بَوّابة door, gate, entrance; (web) portal, gateway
40 كَما شِئْتَ as you wish
41 تَواصُل continuation, maintaining; interconnection, mutual contact; intercommunication
42 خَفْض lowering, decreasing; reduction, diminution
43 عامِل ، عَوامِل factor, element, agent; (math) coefficient
44 غُرفة ، غُرَف room, chamber
45 اِرتاحَ to relax, rest; to be satisfied, pleased ل with sth; to delight, find please ل in sth
46 فَهْم understanding, comprehension
47 نَجَحَ ، يَنجَحُ ، النَّجاح to succeed
48 اِتَّضَحَ to become clear, to be clarified أنّ that
49 تَمَسُّك adherence, commitment (ب to)
50 اِنتَمى to belong إلى to, be affiliated إلى with